The Formaston Stone is located within the Victory Hall. Come and see it during centenary open day on the 18th June. In the mean time you can view a 3D scan of the stone.

A local resident added the following notes:

1    The ogham(which is very unusual)  has been applied to a pre-existing stone and from what I remember of various conjectured readings it represents a claim of ownership , much like a boundary stone. Scholars are now tending to feel that the pictish symbols of mirror etc are a proto written language representing sounds, sometimes names and therefore also a claim of ownership.

2    the exact find spot is not recorded but a C19 source which I would have to re-find and look up to quote exactly says that it was found  near the doorway of the church, which raises the possibility that it was deliberately buried in a liminal space which holy/mystical/superstitious resonances.

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